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(Constituted by Govt. of A.P. under G.O Ms. No.6 Higher Edn. (EC-2) Dept.  Dated 08-01-2007, G.O Ms. No.42, Higher Education (EC-2) Department, Dated 01-05-2007 &

G.O Rt. No. 371, Higher Education (EC-2) Department, Dt.17.05.2007)

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The Honorable Supreme Court of India in Islamic Academy of Education v. State of Karnataka (2003(6) SCC page 697 directed the respective State Governments to set up a committee for determination of fee fixation headed by a retired High Court Judge who shall be nominated by the Chief Justice of that State. The other member who shall be nominated by the Judge should be a Chartered Accountant of repute. A representative of the MCI/AICTE depending on the type of institution, the Secretary of the State Government incharge of the Medical Education, Technical Education as the case may be shall be Member Secretary of the Committee and the Committee shall nominate or co-opt another member so that the total number of the Committee members shall not exceed five.

            The Supreme Court further directed the State Governments to appoint a Permanent Committee which will ensure that the tests conducted by the association of colleges is fair and transparent,   The Committee should be headed by a retired judge of the High Court nominated by the Chief Justice of that State.  The other member to be nominated by the judge would be a doctor or an engineer of eminence depending upon the institution Medical or Engineering and the Secretary incharge of the Medical or Technical Education as the case may be, shall also be a member and act as Secretary of the Committee.     The Committee is also free to nominate or co-opt an independent person of repute in the field of education as well as one of the Vice Chancellors of University of that State and the total number of persons of the Committee do not exceed five

The Government issued G.O.Ms.No.90 constituting a Committee for determination of fee fixation consisting of Hon’ble Sri R.Bayapu Reddy (Retired) as Chairman, and other members as directed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

            The Government also issued G.O.Ms.No.91 constituting permanent committee with Hon’ble Sri Justice T.Ranga Rao (Retd.Judge) as Chairman along with other members as directed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court for over seeing the conduct of Common Entrance Tests by the Association of Colleges of Private Un-aided Professional Educational Institutions(Minority and Non-Minority) in a fair and transparent manner.

    The issue with regard to constituting Committees as directed in Islamic Academy case again fell for consideration before the Hon’ble Apex Court in P.A.Inamdar case and the Apex Court in P.A.Inamdar case 2005(6) SCC p.606 and the Apex court observed as follows:  

“The two Committees for monitoring admission procedure and determining fee structure in the judgment of Islamic Academy are in our view, permissible as regulatory measures aimed at protecting the interest of the student community as a whole as also the minorities themselves, in maintaining required standards of professional education on non-exploitative terms in their institutions.   Legal       

provisions made by the State Legislatures or the scheme evolved by the Court for monitoring admission procedure and fee fixation do not violate the right of minorities under Article 30(1) or the right of minorities and non-minorities under Article 19(1)(g).   They are reasonable restrictions in the interest of minority institutions permissible under Article 30(1) and in the interest of general public under Article 19(6) of the Constitution. “ 

            The Government of A.P. keeping in view of the directions of the Apex Court in Inamdar’s case read with directions in Islamic Academy case, framed rules called the A.P. Admissions and Fee Regulatory Committee (for professional courses offered in private un-aided professional Institutions) Rules,2006 vide G.O.Ms.No.6 Higher Education(EC.II)department dt.8-1-2007 in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 15 read with Sections 3 and 7 of A.P.Educational Institutions (Regulations of Admissions and Prohibition of Capitation Fee)Act,1983.  

            The Government of A.P. issued subsequently G.O.Ms.No.42 dt.1-5-2007 amending o clause(a) of sub rule(ii) of Rule 3 of rules framed in  G.O.Ms.No.6 to he effect—(a) Two retired judges of the High Court of whom one shall chair over matters relating to regulation of admissions and the other shall chair over matters relating to fee fixation.

             The Government issued G.O.Rt.No.371 dt.17-05-2007 appointing Sri Justice T.Ranga Rao (retired Judge of the A.P.High Court) as Chairman for matters relating to regulation of admissions and Sri R.Bayapu Reddy (retired Judge of the A.P.High Court) as Chairman for matters relating to fee fixation and two other members.     The Government again issued  G.O.Rt.No.383 dt.15-5-2009 extending the term of the Committee until further orders.

            Hon’ble Sri R.Bayapu Reddy (retired Judge) who was appointed to look after the Fee Fixation Committee has resigned on 15-12-2011 due to personal reasons and since then Hon’ble Sri Justice T.Ranga Rao (retired judge) is looking after the work of both the Committees. 

            The Govt. issued G.O.Rt.No.59 HE(Ec.A2)Dept.Dt.24-01-2014 appointing Hon’ble Sri Justice G.Krishna Mohan Reddy (Retd.)as Chairman, AFRC(Fee Fixation) for a period of Three years relieving Hon’ble Sri Justice T.Ranga Rao (Retd.) Chairman AFRC, from the post of Chairman, Fee Fixation Committee. both the Committees. 

            The Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee nominated Vice Chancellor, person having experience in matters of education and person having experience in the matters of finance as provided under Rule 3(2) of G.O. Ms.No.6 dated 8-1-2007 as mentioned below:

About Us
            The Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) came into existence on 20th May, 1988 through an Act (No. 16 of 1988) of the State Legislature to advise the Government in matters relating to Higher Education in the State and to oversee its development with perspective planning and for matters connected therewith.

The Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education, the first of its kind in the Country, set up as per the recommendations of the National Education Policy 1986, is primarily a coordinating and Liaoning body between the University Grants Commission, the State Government and the Universities.

Admission & Fees Regulatory Committee (AFRC) is constituted by Govt. of A.P. vide GO. Ms.No. 90, Higher Edn. Dept., Dt.22.12.2003 which looks into the fee fixation and regulation of fee structure in Private Un-Aided Professional Colleges in A.P.

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